News & Events

15-16 May 2014

Kick-Off Meeting 
eStress - Bristol (UK)

The HPC-Blade project coordinator eStress, hosted the project's kick-off meeting in Bristol - UK. Representatives from all project partners were present ensuring a successful start to the HPC-Blade project.

2-3 June 2014
WP1 - Technical Review
Tecnalia - San Sebastian (Spain)

This first technical review focused on the objectives of the concept phase of the HPC-Blade project (Work Package 1), and the structural modelling of the blade. The workshop hosted by Tecnalia involved eStress and MaTRI.

1-2 October 2014

WP1 - Technical Workshop
eStress - Bristol (UK)

The two-day technical workshop held at the eStress offices reviewed the progress to date by Tecnalia with the HPC-Blade system model tool, highlighting the need for a validation phase.

8-10 October 2014
Consortium Meeting at Kodimax
Sofia (Bulgaria)

The HPC-Blade project coordinator eStress, Tecnalia and MaTRI provided the Consortium with an overview of the progress to date, primarily with respect to Work Package 1 (WP1).
This was followed by a series of technical discussions and contributions relating to the various challenges for the project, involving all attendees.
The scheduling of the up-coming Work Package tasks was reviewed and emphasis was placed on the next key project inputs and deliverables. Kodimax facilitated a visit to their production facilities.

9 February 2015  

Energy Now 2015 Expo
Telford (UK)

Representatives from eStress and MaTRI visited the 2015 International Energy Now Expo.
This event offered the opportunity to meet with various European players within the wind energy industry, as part of the overall HPC-Blade Project dissemination strategy and activity.

9-10 March 2015

Consortium Meeting
BDI - Caldes (Spain)

The main objective of this consortium meeting was to review the concept and analytical work to date and agree the blade Pre-Design configuration (size / key dimensions / materials selection) in order to enable work Packages 2 (detailed design) & 3 (materials testing & manufacturing) and define clear actions for the various SME and research partners.

13 March 2015Evgeni Kojucharo

It is with great sadness that we have been informed that Evgeni passed away. Our thoughts at this time are with his family, friends & colleagues at KodiMaks – in particular Antoanet Lazarova who we have got to know through the project.

2 April 2015
Production of the first ribs

Kodimax supply first ribs and material coupons to MaTRI to support the testing campaign.
29 April 2015
Skins 3D model

Tecnalia release 3D model of the blade external surfaces, enabling the definition of the moulds.
5 May 2015
Hub Adapter Concept

eStress release hub adapter concept
8 May 2015
Tip Assembly Concept

eStress release Tip Assembly concept
12 May 2015
Windpower Blade Manufacturing & Composites
ICEL Conference Centre - London (UK)

eStress attended the conference where the major European blade manufacturers, research partners and academics were represented.
The topics presented & discussed captured the latest trends in wind turbine blade design, materials & manufacturing.
An ideal networking opportunity to introduce the HPC-Blade concept and confirm the validity of the  key assumptions & principles of our project.

17 July 2015
MatRI make good progress with the production of the HPC-Blade demo section.
21 August 2015
HPC-Blade will be on show at INNOVATE 2015 - London (9th & 10th November) at Old Billingsgate.
10 September 2015
Tecnalia deliver 3D models of the skin moulds 
7 October 2015
Alpex deliver the first hub adapter assembly, enabling Matri to carry out the blade root assembly testing procedures.
8 - 9 October 2015
Consortium Meeting
Matri - Melton Mowbray (UK)

The main objective of this consortium meeting was to review the progress of the final design phase (including skin moulds and ribs), and of the on-going blade parts manufacturing.

5 November 2015

eStress finalise the Innovate 2015 Showcase display, including:

- HPC-Blade 45% 3D printed model

- Full scale Hub-Adpater

- Demo large blade section

9-10 November 2015
Innovate 2015 Showcase - London / Old Billingsgate - a unique opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of HPC-Blade to a panel of trade experts and investors.
November 2015
 KS Composites complete the skin moulds.
7 December 2015
  KS Composites complete the first set of skins.
8 February 2016
 Tecnalia (San Sebastian - Spain) finalise the blade test facility.
4 February 2016
 KS Composites assemble first prototype blade
5 April 2016
Successful bench testing by Tecnalia (St Sebastian), including Static, Frequency & Failure  
8 April 2016
The Consortium takes delivery of the 3 x completed Blade prototypes for field testing.

10 February 2016
Energy Now 2015 Expo
Telford (UK)

Representatives from eStress from eStress visited the 2016 International Energy Now Expo. The event offered the opportunity to meet with various European players within the wind energy industry and sound the state of the small wind turbine market in the UK.

7-18 March 2016
 Consortium Meeting in Burnley (UK)

4 May 2016 
All Energy 2016 Trade Show - Glasgow UK
All-Energy, the UK’s largest renewable energy event, took place on 4th & 5th May in Glasgow, it allowed the entire spectrum of the renewables industry to showcase their energy solutions. An opportunity to hear about the latest trends in the Wind Energy sector and meet several wind turbine installers & manufacturers as well as potential further development & research opportunities