General: eStress Ltd has developed an enviable reputation over the past 20 years in the supply of specialist engineering analysis and software consultancy services to the aerospace and ‘hi-tech’ mechanical industries.  The eStress team now builds on a successful track record serving many of Europe’s leading companies, including Airbus, BAe Systems and Rolls Royce.

Relevant Experience: Our specialised expertise is focused on the provision of computer-based engineering analysis services for stress, fatigue & fracture and structural performance routinely involving linear and non-linear modelling of structures and solids. Much of this work has been undertaken in relation to aircraft structural design and analysis – most notably for Airbus. Our operations follow, and are in line with, UKAS/BSI Quality Management System accreditation and certification to BS EN 9100:2009, ISO 9001:2008, assessed in accordance with EN 9104:P1.
Role in the project: As project Coordinator, eStress will lead overall development of the HPC-Blade concept, gaining new knowledge and expertise with respect to advanced composite structural analysis. 

General: Boluda Industrial is a company dedicated to the implementation of industrial projects and industrial supply specializing in the industry of renewable energy supplies as well as welding and accessories for welding, supplying hardware with experience in the sector of more than forty years. Our main mission is to be a pillar in the supply chain of our customers. To do this, it is clear that our vocation is understood as working closely with the customer to our work, support and supply, impacting effectively on the production process of our customers. We have to be very clear that the supply and installation of equipment within the renewable energy industry requires on our part a strong commitment and knowledge of the customer ensuring a high added value for the customer. In addition, the rapid development of the world of renewable technologies and special technology in the world of welding, forces us to be in constant development and evolution. Our D & D of renewable energy products and welding is the fundamental pillar that supports the service that we provide to our customers.

Relevant Experience: Our main activity is the execution of works specialized in renewable energies, especially relating to the supply and sale of welding articles. Mr Francesc Martinez Boluda brings expertise and a history of installing and maintaning large wind turbines throughout Spain; Mr David Lujan has experience working on making windmill blades via infusion molding and prepreg layup - especially coatings to avoid the sandblasting effect that effects Spanish wind turbine blades. 

Role in the project: BDI will manufacture blade skins for the case study blades and ensure that the project results are relevant to growth opportunities within their own business.
General: Alpex supplies a wide variety of specialised machined parts for industries as diverse as aerospace, industrial, electrical connectors and household items. Production volumes vary from low volume customised parts to high volume repeat orders. Alpex has many years’ experience in the production of specialised parts using a wide variety of machining and finishing techniques. All components comply with the requirements of BNM (National office of Metrology).

Relevant Experience: Mr David Perillat is an experienced engineer with 30 years’ experience in meeting customer needs to high standards and in compliance with quality standards. He manages the production facilities and manages the continuous improvement programme. David has considerable expertise in problem solving and identifying the most cost effective way to manufacture complex and demanding components. Mme Patricia Appertet speaks fluent English and will assist in the project, ensuring that engineering requirements are communicated effectively.

Role in the project: Alpex will manufacture and supply machined parts for the internal structure of HPC-Blade. These include hub/tube components, threaded parts and splined assemblies for the torque reaction rib.

General: Wintrade SRL is a specialised supplier of steel, aluminium and metal alloy tubes and other related components. Each year, Wintrade sells over 10,000 tons of material, to more than 1000 clients all over the world satisfying their needs with our machining capability. This capability adds value to the components and differentiates Wintrade from standard distributors. Wintrade works with customers in the development of products and assists with design and quality requirements. The company has been operating for over 30 years in metal machining and we have also experience in a wide variety of general engineering disciplines.

Relevant Experience: Gabriele Guizzardi, owner of the company, brings over 30 years of experience to the project in terms of metallurgy and manufacturing expertise. Roberto Bergami, Export Sales Manager has 15 years’ experience working directly with customers to ensure that their specific needs can be met cost effectively.

Role in the project: Wintrade will support the HPC-Blade Project through the development and manufacture of the load bearing metallic tube which is a primary component in the novel blade design. Wintrade will develop and manufacture associated joining solutions where it is advantageous to produce the tube in modular components. This approach will be utilised on the case study blade to enable future scale-up for larger blade designs.

General: Kodi Max Ltd. is a mechanical engineering company founded in 2003. It serves clients in the transport, energy, mining, metallurgy, and water treatment industries. Kodi Max offers expertise in mechanical design, engineering analyses, manufacturing, and maintenance. The company possesses its own manufacturing facility equipped with a wide variety of programmable and digital controlled machine tools including lathes, milling machines, stamping presses, welding machines, gear shapers, drill presses, honing machines, a guillotine and a plasma torch. The company also possesses instrumentation for noise and vibration measurement and a balancing machine used for balancing drive shafts for transport and other machinery.

Relevant Experience: Mr. Dimitar Nikolov Kojuharov has a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering. He is also Associate Professor of Theoretical Mechanics at Technical University of Sofia. He has published 6 study books and 15 patents. Mr. Tihomir Georgiev Sivov is a mechanical engineer with experience in using various 2D and 3D CAD applications, technical documentation and estimating costs and feasibility.

Role in the project: Using our CNC machining facilities, Kodi Max will assist in the design and manufacture of the HPC-Blade metallic and composite rib components.

General: Research activities cover the full breadth of scientific disciplines from materials science to applied mathematicians and physics, chemistry, engineering and manufacturing processes. Within the broad spectrum of materials technology, competencies include polymers, composites, nano-composites, textiles, biomaterials and functional/smart materials. Typical contributions include specific technology developments, getting products and processes to market or assisting growth through product/service differentiation.  MatRI has considerable experience of FP7 and has participated in a number of renewable market projects including OSGRAM and ROOF-CAPTURE.

Role in the Project: The primary role in the project will be lead materials and engineering design activities in support of the HPC-Blade project. MatRI will lead work packages 3, 4 and 5 using extensive general engineering and machining facilities.

Key Personnel: Dr Jo Smart has a Degree in Materials Engineering and an MSc in Engineering Business Management from the University of Warwick (with Rover Group). She went on to gain an Engineering Doctorate from The University of Warwick. Jo has extensive experience materials expertise and is currently Competency Leader for Advanced Materials & Processes within MAtRI. David Pass has a Degree in Aero-Mechanical Engineering and has worked with clients including Rolls Royce & GSK, French Multinationals including Saint-Gobain, Lafarge and Total-Final-Elf, as well as American companies including Sherwin Williams and Perrigo Pharmaceuticals. David currently manages the Mechanical Engineering & Design team.

General: Tecnalia was created from the merger between Cidemco, ESI, Euve, Fatronik, Inasmet, Labein, Leia and Robotiker, thus creating the largest private Research, Development and Innovation group in Spain. Tecnalia employs 1,437 people (164 PhDs) and its turnover is €121m. Tecnalia has participated in over 150 FP7 projects, coordinating 31 of them and is active in engineering: from preliminary concepts to the final solution: materials, mechanical design, simulation, structural analysis advanced materials and processes, certification and testing. Relevant FP7 projects include AZIMUT, LOCOMACHS and SARISTU.

Role in the Project:  Activity focuses on computational modelling (WP1), detailed design of the blade and connecting hub, considering given load cases (WP2) and material selection (WP3). Validation of the calculation models will be also conducted (WP5).

Key Personnel: Francisco José Estensoro graduated from the University of Glasgow and Universidad de Navarra. He began working at the Failure Analysis department and now coordinates the Mechatronics business unit. Miguel Seco, PhD (Mechanical Engineer) works in the Tecnalia analysis and simulation group. His expertise comprises both the advanced use of off-the-shelf numeric and simulation codes and the development of application oriented tools. Imanol Echevarría (Mechanical Engineer) has considerable experience as a stress engineer in the aerospace industry, collaborating in projects for Boeing and Airbus with specialist knowledge in composite material structures, simulation and failure analysis.

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no [605543].